Nachhaltigkeit in Aktion: Torgau-Kuvert pflanzt Bäume in Dreiheide
Bennet Erlenbach

Bennet Erlenbach
Head of Health, Safety & Environment


Sustainability in action: Torgau-Kuvert plants trees in Dreiheide

Torgau-Kuvert donated ten young field maple trees of the Acer campestre Huibers Elegant variety to the municipality of Dreiheide as part of the construction measures for the most modern production site of the Mayer Group in Germany. In the course of the realization of the construction project, two trees unfortunately had to give way for the construction of a construction road. As a replacement, new trees were planted in the region in the last week of February in close coordination with the municipality. Mayor Karsta Niejaki explained, "The members of the local councils have decided where the trees will be given new locations in the municipality of Dreiheide." Four maple trees were planted on Trossiner Straße in Dreiheide and three more trees each in Großwig and Weidenhain. In this way, gaps in the community's tree population could be filled, which also benefits the citizens.

Torgau-Kuvert is not only committed to environmental protection and nature conservation with this regional campaign. The company is certified for the ISO 14001 environmental management system and produces some products with the "Blue Angel" eco-label. It also manufactures products that are subject to the strict requirements of the FSC© or PEFC© certificates. Paper waste from production has been returned to the material cycle for years.

In the current construction phase of the production site, an intelligent building management system is being developed in order to make the handling of resources that arise and are required, such as heat, even more efficient during the production process. In the future, light sources will only be activated when they are actually needed, and all consumption will be monitored to enable situation-based provision. The company is currently looking into the construction of a photovoltaic system to make its energy supply more sustainable. In addition, the Mayer Group is focusing on more resource-efficient production. For example, it is working with customers to use more ecological and recyclable packaging in the mail market.

Climate protection, environmentally friendly strategies, responsible use of resources and social commitment are central components of the Mayer Group's philosophy.

Photo: Karsta Niejaki, Mayor of Dreiheide, and Silke Gosdschick, Managing Director of Torgau-Kuvert GmbH & Co. KG


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