Volker Reiff

Volker Reiff
Head of Sales


Intelligently sustainable

Padded shipping bags are right at the top of the Mayer Group's rankings. The market for lightweight and secure packaging is growing steadily. Industry, retail, and not least consumers, increasingly want to reduce cardboard packaging and favour lighter and more flexible packaging. Fewer raw materials, less material, less energy are not enough. It is also about better raw materials, better material, cleaner energy. Real engineering know-how is in demand. The developers of the Mayer Group have succeeded in developing a 100% paper padded bag made of recycled paper and producing it in large series in an environmentally friendly way. The multi-layered intelligent paper structure is revolutionary and protects the goods perfectly. Producing it free of plastic and harmful adhesives also opens the way to the optimal recycling cycle.


Initially launched as an alternative to the classic bubble pocket, the recycled product under the brand name SUMO® is now the best-seller in Europe. The market is clearly demanding that plastic be dispensed with in packaging and shipping solutions. Is the death of bubble wrap sealed? The market will tell us. The art of engineering in the paper sector will continue to be in demand, because development must neither stand still nor be blocked by new ideas - at least not in the Mayer Group.

Blauer Engel

blauer engel IS CONVINCED

For 40 years, the "Blue Angel" eco-label has guaranteed high standards for the protection of our environment and health - independently and credibly. The Mayer product SUMO® was awarded the "Blue Angel" environmental logo in the category "Environmentally friendly finished products made from recycled paper and cardboard (DE-UZ 14b)". This means that, compared to the production of virgin fibre papers, resources are conserved and less waste water, water and energy are consumed in the production of paper from recycled paper. Finished products made of recycled paper with the "Blue Angel" eco-label guarantee that the paper fibres of the products are obtained from 100 % waste paper. In addition, the use of chlorine, optical brighteners or halogenated bleaching agents is banned during production.


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