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Simone Gläser

Simone Gläser
Head of Digital Media


Mobile First BASE

As the name suggests, the Mobile First BASE focuses on the mobile view. It contains numerous optimisations for mobile use. A significantly increased modularisation and the consistent use of SASS make the project considerably more maintenance-friendly.

Back in 2015, search queries from mobile devices reported by Google surpassed those from desktop browsers for the first time. Since then, it has become increasingly important to adapt website content for mobile phones and other compact devices such as tablets. The programming and presentation of so-called Responsive Design, i.e. clear and simple functioning on any screen format, is what users expect from almost all digital applications today.

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In the mobile-first strategy, the core aspects of the software are defined first. This concerns not only content and images, but above all the most important functions and modules that must be integrated as elements. The basic idea of this strategy is to focus only on the fundamental elements instead of investing in unnecessary programming work. A big advantage of Mobile First: The supposed weakness becomes an advantage. Small screen; consequently, less display space and format restrictions. However, instead of losing substance, irrelevant information and functions are put aside. The result: a simplified and user-friendly solution.



Digitisation is developing rapidly and has only just begun. The use of media, new technologies, utilities that make professional and private life easier - all developments contribute to networking becoming more natural and everyone benefits from it. Today, every company that recognises this importance is using digital transformation to develop strengths and an edge.

Networking, participation and involvement of employees and partners without being tied to a specific location: All this is agile, flexible, future-oriented and innovative. Creating a new interface, providing a new work structure and improving the output and quality of life of relevant staff - mobile access to all relevant information and functions helps to increase personal satisfaction and joint success. Conclusion: a strong result.


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