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mayer-digital, the hub for digital innovations of the Mayer Group with its headquarters in Heilbronn, Germany, presents the current version of its marketing platform, which has been developed and permanently improved under the name WUNDERHUB over many years.

More than ten years of development and experience of the company's own IT know-how carrier novadex have gone into the intuitive portal, with which decentrally organised companies can efficiently automate and standardise their marketing, sales and even procurement processes. All defined CI standards are centrally stored in the cloud-based software, which requires no further investment in hardware or programmes. In a wide variety of cross-channel templates, advertising materials, forms and much more can be accessed and individualised by authorised persons. Whether advertisements, direct mailings, social media campaigns or other activities: In addition to the smooth management of marketing activities, many other intercompany processes can also be significantly simplified. Resources are saved - and thus automatically time and money. Approvals are made virtually without loss of time, production data is automatically transmitted to stored service providers. Sources of error? No chance of error.

Marketingportal Wunderhub


The best and most convincing argument - and thus a decisive advantage over other systems - is the ease of use, because only "wanting to use" has real benefits. WUNDERHUB integrates existing ERP systems in an interface-friendly way so that full access to customer databases and the like is available. Different scope of services packages serve the needs of small and large companies. mayer-digital offers a wide range of industries a real added value, which many have been waiting for. For more information, visit srvcwndrhbcm or www.wunderhub.com


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