The Marketing portal

Ready-made premium solutions in the respective company's own look: WUNDERHUB, our in-house developed marketing portal. Over 10 years ago launched by our know-how nucleus NOVADEX and continuously improved, the cloud-based software enables standardized, automated regional advertising, purchasing, and sales processes and at the same time saves the using company complex processes, time, resources, and money. The portal keeps all templates, cross-media campaign elements, and inter-company workflows in the respective CI of the user. Matched and customized to every need.

The marketing portal

One portal for everyone & everything in 
corporate design

Ideal for all printed materials, promotional items, trade show equipment, mailings, clothing, layout and design templates, digital advertisements, and even your company's brand style guide. Control, design, and distribute all marketing activities and advertising materials directly in WUNDERHUB. Marketing has never been more fun!

One portal for everything and everyone in corporate design.
Creating templates as administrator


Administrators create templates using the WUNDERHUB layout editor, thus establishing the design framework. These templates can either be based on existing print data (e.g., PDF files) or crea-ted entirely from scratch. Elements such as images and text fields can be freely positioned using drag-and-drop. From editability to mandatory fields to optional instructions, the design flexibility can be precisely defined.

customizing & odering decentrally.

Intuitive workflow for customization - users are guided step by step through predefined design options. This allows images (e.g. campaign motifs or promotional products), text fields (e.g. special discounts, address, opening hours), and other editable elements to be adapted to local conditions, while automatically adhering to the corporate design guidelines. Control mechanisms ensure a flawless customization processes.

Individualization of Products as User